About us

🇷🇴&🇺🇦 Ukraine Bucharest Churches ’22 (UBC22) is a Christian-humanitarian-Christian initiative to help refugees fleeing from the war in Ukraine. This initiative brought together in the initial stages 9 local churches & Christian organizations in Bucharest (Holy Trinity, Missio Dei, alfAOmega, Bethany, International Church, Agapia, ABWE, ARFO, and IJM) who put their resources together to form UBC22. Since then, many other churches and organizations from Romania and Abroad, have joined with UBC22 and come along with us in serving and showing God’s love to the ones in suffering.

👷‍♂️ What we do concretely:

  • We bring aid to the borders Romania-Moldova and Moldova-Ukraine
  • We transport refugees from the Romanian borders to Bucharest
  • We transport refugees from the train station (Bucharest) to our locations on a daily basis
  • We offer accommodation and food, both in the short term and in the medium term – long term
  • We offer medical, legal and pastoral advice

📍 Our locations:

  • Valaori 20, Holy Trinity Church Bucharest
  • Popa Rusu 22, Betania Church Bucharest
  • Loteia, Targoviste. Capacity ≈ 105 people
  • Snagov, Ilfov. Capacity ≈ 45 people
  • Crisana, Bucharest

⭐ Although we are a large group of churches working together to serve those in need, we still need help. So, if you want to get involved and you don’t know how, you can volunteer for transportation, shopping, doing activities with children, hosting refugee families and many other ways and / or you can contribute financially.

👩‍⚕️Involved as a volunteer:

Volunteers Google Form

🙋 If you are a brand that wants to help with anything, write to us here: anamaria.gordan@me.com

💰 Financially involved:

Beneficiary: Biserica Creștină Baptistă Sfânta Treime, București
Banca Transilvania: SWIFT BTRLRO22

  • RON Donations: RO07BTRLRONCRT0P60016701
  • US Dollars Donations: RO32BTRLUSDCRT0P60016701
  • EURO Donations: RO89BTRLEURCRT0P60016701

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